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Pittsburgh, PA

Governor Tom Wolf posed for pictures and shook hands at Labor Day picnics in Pittsburgh, the traditional kick-off of the fall political campaign.

“It’s a great holiday for people who work for what organized labor has done for all of us,” Wolf told Pittsburgh’s KDKA political editor Jon Delano on Monday. “And I think it’s a great day to celebrate, so I’m really privileged to be here.”

Wolf campaigned in Pittsburgh as the man he beat four years ago, Governor Tom Corbett, criticized Wolf for agreeing to only one debate in Harrisburg with his Republican challenger, Scott Wagner.

“I think it’s disappointing,” Corbett said last Friday.

Corbett as governor gave Wolf three debates, including one in Pittsburgh.

“One debate? You can’t give two more like Governor Corbett gave you?” asked Corbett.

KDKA asked Wolf about Corbett’s comments, here is a part of that conversation:

Delano: “He gave you three debates. You’re only give Scott Wagner one debate. Your response?”
Wolf: “Well, I’m surprised. The election is one continuous debate. So Scott Wagner won the primary in May, and since then, we’ve been debating in the public.”

Wolf says he and Wagner have already engaged in lots of back-and-forth on issues.

“In a democracy, what you want is a robust back-and-forth, and I think we’re having that, so I’m proud of the open and continuous debate we have, not just one,” said Wolf.

Delano: “You don’t see any need for any other formal debates?”
Wolf: “No. I see the need for doing what we’re doing.”

That means being as accessible to the public as possible.

The governor made the rounds at a number of Labor Day picnics in Pittsburgh, and from his point of view, pressing the flesh at these labor events is much more important than debating Scott Wagner.

As previously reported the sole debate will be 45 minutes and comes with an ticket price of $300.