The GOP Primary for Governor by the Social Media Numbers

With no polls available for the May primary in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Chronicle takes a look at the social media numbers for the candidates

State Senator Scott Wagner takes the lead in social media across all platforms counting subscribers and followers. Wagner’s Facebook page boasts 171,475 with 2,127 following on Twitter. Wagner’s Youtube channel has 129 subscribers.

Attorney Laura Ellsworth comes in with 1,677 following her on Facebook with 277 following the Jone’s Day “Of Counsel.” We were unable to locate a Youtube channel for Ms. Ellsworth.

Entrepreneur Paul Mango comes close in Twitter to Wagner with 2,097 Twitter followers with 120 subscribers on Youtube with 111,406 following Mr. Mango on Facebook.

None of the campaigns responded to requests for comment.

Social media by the numbers GOP governor's race 2018 Primary

Social media by the numbers GOP governor’s race 2018 Primary