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Harrisburg, PA

In the wake of Friday’s decision by a federal court judge in Texas on the Affordable Care Act, the Office of Attorney General Josh Shapiro is offering guidance on what the ruling holds, what the impact is for Pennsylvanians, and what may happen next in this important case. Not answering questions about supporting a law Shapiro says he expected would be overturned Shapiro nonetheless claims the law remains in full effect in Pennsylvania. 

Shapiro says, “The Office of Attorney General Shapiro made the decision not to intervene in this lawsuit because it did not want Pennsylvania to be bound by this expected unfavorable court ruling in a way that would jeopardize coverage for Pennsylvanians for pre-existing conditions.”

Shaprio’s office says, “A judge hearing a lawsuit only has the power to issue rulings that are binding on the parties to the suit. This case is no exception. Here, the parties to the lawsuit are plaintiff States that sued to invalidate the ACA, the federal government, the States that intervened to defend the law, and two individuals. Pennsylvania is not a party to the suit.” In fact, since President Trump has taken office his administration has been bound by individual courts nationwide without regard to the parties to the case.