Independent Poll Shows Wagner Surging

The Commonwealth Leaders Fund, an independent third party group, released a poll this morning showing the 2018 Pennsylvania governor’s race is neck and neck. The survey of 2,012 likely voters has the race at Wolf 46 – Wagner 43%.
“When you look at the issues most important to voters in this poll, there’s no doubt why Scott Wagner is surging,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “Tom Wolf has pushed for record tax increases on hardworking Pennsylvanians while Scott Wagner has been there to stand in his way. Tom Wolf’s failed economic policies lead to the largest disparity between national and state unemployment in nearly 40 years, while Scott Wagner is a proven job creator. And Tom Wolf has been a failure on public education and now has a plan that will either lead to drastic cuts for districts or crippling, broad based tax increases, while Scott Wagner has a plan to make record investments in students and teachers without raising taxes. The more Pennsylvanians see the contrast between the candidates on these major issues, the more gains Scott will make, and we’re confident he will win in November.”