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Norristown, PA

The AP is reporting a judge in Montgomery County has ordered former Attorney General Kathleen Kane to prison Thursday in Montgomery by 9am.

Ex-Attorney General Kathleen Kane ordered to report to jail by 9 a.m. Thursday to start perjury, obstruction sentence.

Prosecutors in suburban Philadelphia on Tuesday asked a county judge to revoke former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s bail so she will have to begin serving a 10- to 23-month perjury sentence.

The Montgomery County district attorney’s office filed a revocation request that argued the 52-year-old Kane is not entitled to bail now that the state Supreme Court has declined to take up her appeal.

“Two different appellate courts have reviewed her case, yet her judgment of sentence remains,” wrote District Attorney Kevin Steele. “She received a fair trial, her guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt and now it is time for her to serve her sentence.”

Kane, a Democrat from Scranton, has been free for more than two years since she was sentenced for leaking grand jury information and lying about it.