Right isn’t Right and the Left is Wrong Along with the Right- James Comey

Putting James Comey into the Left or Right camps fails miserably. No way James Comey plays the role some of on the “Left” seek in taking down President Donald J Trump. Making Comey one of the many evil doers people like Sean Hannity ticks off daily on Fox News and his radio shows also skips over reality.

Comey admits functionally usurping the power of his boss, the Attorney General, in the Clinton email investigation. No president ignores Comey’s actions coming into office. Department of Justice leadership serves at the pleasure of the president and no president wisely tolerates presidential appointees usurping power.

President Obama perhaps lacked the political option to fire Comey after he Hillary Clinton from prosecution but no new administration puts up with an FBI Director saying he’d do it all over again leaving the very real possibility Comey asserts power rightfully exercised by the Department of Justice in other matters.

In not speaking to any view on the end of the Clinton investigation Comey taking power from the Attorney General served the American people. We learned the unknown and we learned even more when Comey spoke at congressional hearings. Comey’s wrong moves put real information into the hands of the American people.

For that America owes Comey a debt.

And he had to go. Comey’s not choosing to fall on his sword as Trump came into office set up the the firing when, later, Comey told the world at congressional hearings he’d do it again. Days later Comey’s career in public life ended.

No president countenances subordinates taking power.

And solid reasons exist to criticize Comey not telling the American people the president was not under investigation as we now know.  Without getting into it Comey needed to speak up.