Wolf Claims GOP cut funding to schools

According to a website paid for by Tom Wolf’s campaign Scott Wagner has been lying to Pennsylvanians about Governor Wolf’s record on education. When Governor Wolf took office, Pennsylvania schools were still suffering from the $1 billion in cuts that Scott Wagner had supported under Governor Corbett.

The website goes on to say since Governor Wolf has taken office, he’s fought to add $1 billion in new funding for PA schools — which means more money for schools all across the commonwealth –rural, suburban and urban alike.

Wolf’s Facebook page says, “There’s a very clear contrast in this race → the truth is that only one person supports cuts to Pennsylvania schools and that’s Scott Wagner.”

Notably Wolf’s signed only one budget during his term and according to Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives on their OpenPaGov.org website education funding has increased each year in Pennsylvania since 1999 with the average district spending 16,500 per student with Pennsylvania spending more than all states save 12. 

The website paid for by Wolf’s campaign  states the cuts blamed on the GOP and assigned to Wagner occurred in 2011-2012. Wagner took office as a state senator in April 2014.