Student Joshua Gallagher Calls Out Teacher James Gard For Endangering Students During Shooting in Parkland, Florida

In refusing to comment on the Tweet repeated in local news reports Gallagher said, “I’m not going to sensationalize this even like my teacher did,” Gallagher said in a Twitter message to the newspaper, referring to interviews Gard granted reporters after the shooting. “I want change to happen when it comes to protocol and the way this situation is handled. No child can feel the way I did.”

Gallagher makes his remarks on Twitter, while quoting exactly the student’s Tweet, some corrections have been made to include setting out paragraphs:

My name is Joshua Gallagher. I am a junior who attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. Before the shooting took place I was located in the 700 building which is right next to the Freshman Building facing in my math class with my teacher Jim guard. It was around the time of 2:20 PM when we had a fire alarm go off, everyone in my class was confused because we had one take place previously in the day. But like any normal class we left the classroom in route to evacuate the fire.

As we left the classroom I began to walk to the staircase just below 20 feet from the door as my classmates and I walk up to the top of the staircase we heard shots go off. At this point we all ducked and shocked kicked in for half a second of what is happening. In almost an instant rush me and my fellow classmates as well as others rushed back into our classroom. As we made it to the door we found out the door was locked. Which then left me and 15 other students left in the hallways ducking and screams of classmates and gunshots took over the noise around me. We were stuck in the hall for four total minutes talking and in fear of our lives.

I called my dad up on the phone thinking this could be the last time I speak to him. As it was on the phone with him as he tried to call me down, a teacher I never seen before open the door for me and 14 other classmates to fully danger. When I got into the classroom I told my dad I love him, he sent it back to me and he hung up because he was a first responder running into the freshman building.

God bless that after all of this I saw my dad and me and the other fellow classmates were safe. And God bless the teacher who open the door to save us from danger. Hours and days after the shooting I came to found out my math teacher Jim guard actually ran back into the classroom without turning around and locked his door. He was 75% of his students out in the hallway to be slaughtered.

How could a man such as him be viewed as a hero in the media? Where the shooting was happening and students were locked in the hall he actually called a new station inform them what was going on instead of a time thing or even thinking to save kids he a time thing or even thinking to save kids he left in the hall! Jim card has been on many new stations, he has an opportunist and people shouldn’t value him as close to a hero. He’s nothing but a coward. He has re-victimized the students he left out of his class by calling himself a hero. I have nightmares that could have happened because of how selfish and horrific this man is.

The Sun Sentinel reported Gard’s response “Fast forward to Sunday, when the parents came back for an open house,” Gard said. “All of a sudden this kid comes over and starts screaming at me. Then his father started screaming at me. This is insane.” Gallagher’s father is a high ranking office with the neighboring Coral Springs Police Department, one of the first responding agencies.

The Pennsylvania Chronicle attempted to locate policies on the district website regarding contact with the news media for Broward County Schools in an effort to determine if Gard speaking with the media, in fact, represents some breach of district policy either in the original televised reporting Gard took on or interview following Gallagher’s Tweet where Gard describes an encounter with the student and father  saying, “This is insane.”

The district policy does speak to this issue:

Together, the school district leadership and staff will work with members of the community to anticipate and prioritize issues likely to impact the mission of an organization by building and maintaining a dialogue with others affected by issues important to the organization. This process will be demonstrated through the ongoing integration of communication efforts among schools and departments, in the development and introduction of new initiatives and programs, and the handling of communication during a crisis.

We could find no place where teachers independent of the school district are to communicate with the media and the policy contemplates such communication taking place,

During times of crisis, the superintendent will follow procedures established by the Safety Department, in consultation with the School Board Chair.

Nothing the policy contemplates teachers speaking out to the media, apparently, independent of district leadership either in the original televised interviews of Gard nor the confrontation Gard describes using the word, “insane” later on.