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Harrisbrug, PA

“Normally, I have more time to formulate a sufficiently homophobic reply to mollify my core base.”

On a Facebook comment today Democrat candidate for LT. Governor John Fetterman let loose this bomb on Scott Wagner. Mr. Fetterman links to a media story about GOP candidate for governor Scott Wagner saying he’d look at legislation banning same sex marriage in Pennsylvania if passed.

Problem’ it’s neither a quote from Wagner nor honest.

Mr. Fetterman falsely provides a quote ostensibly from Mr. Wagner even linking the article story utterly ignoring the first sentence of the story:

At a town hall on Monday, Wagner said he would consider legislation to ban same-sex marriage. Less than 24 hours later, he said he’d veto any such bill.

The real shame of Fetterman’s comment? Wagner regularly does live events, anyone ask questions with no restrictions. Wagner even often refers to the “campaign tracker” present at what has been, so far, 13 live events lasting over an hour taking questions from all. All are welcome.

So far neither Governor Wolf nor Fetterman deign appear before citizens to answer questions. Mistakes happen and Wagner owned his, now it’s your turn Mr. Mayor.