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Last week GOP candidate former state senator Scott Wagner launched his education plan and began talking about his plan at town halls around the commonwealth.

Governor Wolf launched attacks on Facebook.

Wolf says Wagner will cut education funding because Wagner was for previous GOP “cuts” in education. Some “in the weeds” supports the twisted statement.  We’re skipping the bull the commonwealth has spent more dollars on education every single year since 1995. 

The people of Pennsylvania deserve a real conversation  not the usual dumb attacks. While Mr. Wolf mentions an apprentice program involving a union backing him  it’s just not enough.

16% of Philadelphia students were math proficient in 2017, 20% were reading proficient

Parents deserve a serious discussion. We get it Wagner’s the opponent and agreeing isn’t in the cards but standing pat also fails parents and students across this great state.

23.01% ELA/Literature- Percent Proficient or Advanced on PSSA/Keystone tests for students grades 3-8 in Harrisburg

Most people enjoy the back and forth jabs of politics, yet at the same time people and students deserve some real change in Pennsylvania. We know many states from blue Massachusetts to red Florida made real changes for their students.

42% of students in Scranton are math proficient with 61% reading proficient

But the crisis in Pennsylvania continues in urban schools across the state with  students, parents and every single taxpayer gypped out of this commonwealth putting it’s best foot forward to education students.

40% Percent of Pittsburgh and State Students who are Proficient or Above by Grade in Reading, 2015-16  

We deserve better than the cheap, silly attacks Tom Wolf put on Facebook this week and students who can’t read won’t make good candidates for any apprentice program.

Enrollment in Philadelphia for 2018-2019 stands at 202,538 . So what we know is 160,030 students end up part of the generations of failure that is Philadelphia and too many of our urban districts across Pennsylvania.

Launching silly attacks insults the intelligence of every voter. It’s time to get serious and Governor Tom Wolf owes a real and serious discussion.