The entire 2 hour video from the Berks County event Mr. Wolf used to create his ad.

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Scott Wagner wants to tax retirees? Is this true?

Fact checking an ad by Governor Tom Wolf

Harrisburg, PA

Mr. Wagner never proposes taxing retirees, in the full video Mr. Wagner cites two Penn State University retirees taking home pensions exceeding $400,000 each year noting those individuals pay no Pennsylvania income tax on their pension income.

Depending on what numbers used, the state Employees’ Retirement System and Public School Employees’ Retirement System have between about $66 billion and $89 billion in unfunded liabilities. Basically, the money needed to pay thousands of pensions isn’t there according to an article on WHYY’s website dated July 30, 2018

Reviewing the video people will hear Wagner state he’s spoken with lawyers and the pensions cannot be changed or taxed. Mr. Wagner clearly says this is a constitutional matter citing the makeup of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Mr. Wagner told the woman questioning him there is a “190%” chance an attempt to change the terms or taxing of pensions would be overturned. Finally, Mr. Wagner shares his views on the importance of accepting legal advice to avoid problems.

Mr. Wolf’s ad, frankly, is entirely false.