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York, PA

Without really going into much detail the York City mayor tells the media it’s not about politics telling FOX43 it’s about Maple Donuts. Apparently Maple Donuts is on the mayor’s list of enemies.

The mayor told Fox43, This is not a political issue, I have many friends who support all sorts of candidates, it’s not about that. It’s about a choice to use wedge issues in your advertising and then be associated with a police department that has to work with a diverse population. I’m working on bringing the city together, bringing the residents together with the police department there’s been a breech for many years and something like this just doesn’t help.”

Fox43  reports there is a public NAACP meeting which will be held on Tuesday that Mayor Helfrich told FOX43 he will be attending.

the mayor says they will be discussing the video and hopes to make it clear that it doesn’t reflect the City of York or its police department.

“When you put up billboards and advertisements and things that speak against rights that black and brown people do step up for… they seem to go out of their way to say: ‘We don’t want or need your business,'” York County NAACP President Sandra Thompson told PennLive Monday.

Watching the video, though, another a story ought to come through to please us all. Officers of all ages and colors appear in the video showing off their sense of humor, and some pretty good comedy. Middle aged people in plainclothes show us York City Police value people of color and women and have done so for quite a while. Not every street cop makes detective and it takes a time to move up the ranks.

Ms. Thompson’s comments insult  officers of color.. These officers put on a uniform everyday with the chance their families may not see them alive ever again. The absolute best among us, why would they participate in something to harm anyone? These great people work their entire careers keeping us safe. Would the very best among us affiliate themselves with people who, “speak against rights that black and brown people?”

And if Maple Donuts were doing anything close to what the mayor refuses to openly accuse them of doing they long ago would have been put out of business.

The mayor creates the wedge issue where none need exist with his bizarre intolerance.