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Why handover tax returns as fodder; Why Scott Wagner must refuse

Harrisburg, PA

In 2012 from the floor of the United States Senate then-Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid accused then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of having not paid any taxes over the past decade. It was a lie covered by the Washington Post in a story in 2016 also saying Harry Reid doesn’t regret according to the story

Recently the Pennsylvania Chronicle reported on statements by the campaign of Governor Tom Wolf his opponent supported supposed cuts in education.  Factually Wolf misleads as education spending in the commonwealth went up each and every year since 1999.

Yes, we all know to deep dive the statement the Wolf campaign has some arcane explanation  still fails to accurately represent GOP candidate’s Scott Wagner’s positions while pinning hope of gaining votes from people easily duped.  A look at Wolf’s Facebook page shows lots of comments from supporters taking the bait.

Wagner says he wants to put a billion dollars more into education and proposed a plan to do so. Here’s a novel idea, Governor Wolf, address yourself to the plan.

And for decades the Democrat party takes down opponents conflating everything they say into racism, Antisemitism, or some other grand evil. Donald Trump gets up at nearly every rally he holds bragging about historically low unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics while people representing the other side accuse Trump of underhanded sneaky tactics of reaching out to a base of bigots. Bigots like a president who touts the people they hate working?

So what possible value comes from releasing the tax returns of a man employing somewhere north of 400 people who must have all kinds of complexity in his tax returns? None but the politics of personal destruction. Just as is the case in education spending it gives the Wolf campaign and his supporters a complicated document to use to manipulate people into believing they’ve uncovered some nefarious plot so far not found by the Wolf run Department of Revenue or let alone the 8 years President Obama ran the Internal Revenue service.

It’s long since past time to defeat the tactic of using complexity to falsely accuse people of crimes and using people as dupes to win votes.

Wagner must not give into this tactic the voters deserve a real debate on real issues.