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Do Craigslist; Now Is  Your Time as Formerly Free Website Starts Charging for Ads

Five bucks an ad; a deal as the freebies go away and the traffic stays!

Starting March 15, 2018 Craigslist began charging $5 an add for businesses advertising in the services section. Lots of people stopped advertising. People still look to Craigslist to find small businesses in their area.

Small business owners regularly using Craigslist know problem “getting seen” on the formerly free website with a crowd of advertisers passing themselves as locals, and outright scam artists. Success meant developing clever posts to stand out, and giving lots of attention to the dynamics at work on the local Craiglist market planning how often to post.

Those posters are gone.

While serving customers nationwide, Pegasus Ventures operates in two main markets, Grand Rapids, Michigan the state’s 2nd largest market and Scranton, PA the center of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) after opening an office in December 2016.  Grand Rapids saw dozens of ads posted daily. Most of the services listings in the NEPA Craiglist saw fewer listings but lots more people outside the market pushing cluttering the local small business owners out.

All that changed March 15, 2018.

In the Grand Rapids market the busiest section of the services category “Small Business” saw 11 paid  listings from March 15 to the morning of the 25th as this blog post gets written. Scranton saw just 5 listings during the same period of time. Just one $5 ad keeps stays highly visible for days instead of hours. Post now and your ad stays at the top for a good long time. Not bad for five bucks.

As the mass of listings leave, for the moment, traffic remains strong as visitors to the Craigslist website continue looking for local service providers, restaurants and small businesses of every kind.

Overtime Pegasus Ventures bets more advertisers come on board increasing choice thus increasing overall traffic.

In researching this story it turns out Craigslist also ended all personal ads. The website continues to offer free listings in its housing, jobs, and “For Sale” categories.

On the downside paying for ads, some weirdness prevails. The website fails to remember credit card information requiring advertisers enter card details even in re-posting ads. Craigslist also fails to allow advertisers to include links to their website. Yes, the site allows posting of URLS, but they fail to allow the hyper links allowing customers to click or tap to the advertisers website also making impossible tracking Craigslist as the source of the traffic.