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York, PA

Over the past three weeks members of the York County Drug Task Force and York City Police Department investigated the activities of Joshua Hutchins, 22, of 318 W. Market St in York City according to the York County District Attorney’s office who said information was ultimately developed that Hutchins was unlawfully selling firearms   to persons who weren’t lawfully allowed to purchase or possess firearms. Following an investigation, the DA says they determined that Hutchins was not allowed to possess a firearm due to past criminal convictions.

Authorities say arrangements were made for an undercover officer to meet with Hutchins in a parking lot of a convenience store in York Township on Friday, August 10, 2018. When Hutchins arrived and met with the undercover officer, he offered two handguns for sale. Both of the handguns had the serial numbers obliterated. Hutchins told the undercover officer that he scratched off the serial numbers so that the guns couldn’t be traced back to him. Police say Hutchins was arrested shortly
after the meeting with the undercover officer. At the time of his arrest Hutchins was carrying a concealed Glock 40 caliber handgun in his waistband.

The DA said police officers then searched Hutchins’s residence at 318 W. Market St., where they located 31 firearms and ammunition for many of these guns. The firearms ranged from auto loading handguns and revolvers, to tactical shotguns and assault rifles. Police also seized were several gun lockers and the Dremmel tool believed to have been used to scratch the serial numbers from the guns displayed to the undercover officer.

Police say they determined that all of the firearms had been stolen from Hutchins’s stepfather, who was a gun collector in Dover Township. Hutchins’s stepfather had died within the past year and the firearms were at his mother’s residence where the guns remained after her husband’s death.

On August 10, 2018, Hutchins was initially charged with firearms sales and possession offenses for the incident which occurred with the undercover officer. This morning investigators charged Hutchins with 31 additional counts of Persons Not to Possess Firearms and 34 counts of Receiving Stolen Property. “The people of York County are safer today because of the York County Drug Task Force, York City Police Department and the York Area Regional Police  Department. Anytime you remove 34 firearms, which were being sold illegally to those unable to lawfully possess them, is a good day”, said Dave Sunday, York County District Attorney

Charges were filed at Magisterial District Judge Laird’s office in York Township. Hutchins is currently lodged at the York County Prison in lieu of bail.

The York Area Regional Police Department assisted the York County Drug Task Force and the
York City Police with this investigation.