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West Manchester Township Police arrest man in Hawaiian skirt and leis, Michael Witte faces DUI charges

West Manchester Township Police arrest man in Hawaiian skirt and leis, Michael Witte faces DUI charges

York, PA

On July 27 2019, West Manchester Township Police Department were enforcing the 40mph (64.37 km/h) speed zone on W. Market Street (SR462) near Zarfoss Drive using Vascar in a patrol unit. At 9:35PM hours a red pickup truck traveling east on W. Market Street in the left lane covered the 348 foot distance between these lines in 3.49 seconds at 67.9 mph (ca. 109 km/h).

According to police they conducted a traffic stop on a red Ford Ranger pickup truck.  The officer approached the vehicle on the driver’s side and introduced himself to sole occupant and driver, Micheal Lawson Witte.  The officer advised him that he had clocked him doing 67.9 in a 40 mph (ca. 64 km/h) zone and asked for his license, registration and insurance.

Police say that the male was dressed as if he was at a Luau being that he was wearing a Hawaiian type skirt around his waist and a Lei around his neck. Witte had no shirt on and his hair was pulled up in a band on the top of his head.

According to police Witte was saying that he was getting his insurance up on his phone and his focus was on that activity. When he did get it up he made eye contact with the officer for the first time and the officer said he could see his Witte’s eyes were blood shot. As the officer leaned in closer to him and could said he smelled an alcoholic beverage coming from Witte’s breath.

Police say as the officer asked Witte if  he had been drinking today.  Witte allegedly  blurted out that he did not have any and then changed it to only having two a while ago and that he was fine.

Police say they then asked Witte if he would blow into the PBT, so the officer could see if the two beer story he told him was accurate. Police say Witte blew into the PBT and it was positive for alcohol and the sample suggested that he imbibed more than he had stated. According to police, Witte also admitted he smoked marijuana earlier in the evening.

The officer asked Witte to perform field sobriety test which showed signs of impairment.

Prior to placing him in the car, authorities say the officer asked him if he would find anything illegal in his vehicle, and Witte stated that he had a small amount of marijuana in an orange container in the vehicle. The vehicle was searched and the orange container containing suspected marijuana was recovered.

Witte was transported to Central Booking. He consented to a blood draw. His blood was drawn at 2226 hours.  Blood results from NMS Labs showed a BAC of .140% alcohol concentration and the presence of marijuana in the blood as well.

Based on the above information, Micheal Lawson Witte, was charged with 2 counts of Driving Under the Influence and 1 Traffic Violation on August 20, 2019.