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West Manchester Police arrest Timothy Kramer for DUI

West Manchester Police arrest Timothy Kramer for DUI

York, PA

On July 13, 2019, at approximately 1:49AM, West Manchester Township Police Department responded to the area of Route 30 westbound and the Route 234 overpass to assist  on a traffic stop.

Upon arrival the officer was advised that the driver was observed driving erratically and an odor of alcohol was coming from the driver’s breath.

As officers approached the driver side window and asked the driver, Timothy Kramer, out of the vehicle to perform Field Sobriety Tests. Police say the officer could see that Kramer’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. In addition, police allege Kramer spoke with a slurred speech. 

According to police field sobriety tests were performed and Kramer showed signs of impairment. The Officer asked Kramer to blow into a portable breath test (PBT). Police say the PBT showed that there was a presence of alcohol on Kramer’s breath (.120%)

At that point Kramer was placed in the patrol vehicle and was transported to Central Booking for a blood draw. Kramer consented to the chemical blood test. At 2:28AM, a Phlebotomist drew two vials of blood from Kramer’s left arm.

Police later received the defendant’s toxicology report showing that the defendant’s blood alcohol content was .144 gms% well over the legal limit.

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