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West Manchester Police arrest felon for gun possession following traffic stop

West Manchester Police arrest felon for gun possession following traffic stop

York, PA

On Monday August 5, 2019, at approximately 1309 hours, a West Manchester Township Police officer was sitting stationary at the intersection of South Richland Avenue and West College Avenue.  Authorities say the officer observed a tan Honda Accord bearing Pennsylvania registration plate, travelling south towards West College Avenue in the left straight lane. 

Police say the officer observed the Honda’s rear center brake light was not functioning while stopped in traffic and the officer began following the Honda.  While following directly behind the Honda, the officer said he detected an odor of marijuana in the air.  There were no other vehicles travelling in front of the Honda during this time.  Authorities say he followed the Honda to the intersection of South Richland Avenue and Indian Rock Dam Road, where he again viewed the center brake light not functioning. 

Authorities report the officer initiated a traffic stop.

Police say the officer approached the driver side of the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Ronald P. Rauba Jr who identified himself with a Pennsylvania driver’s license.  His front seat passenger was identified, as well as his left rear passenger. The Officer explained to Ronald the reason for the traffic stop was for his brake light not functioning.  Ronald was unaware of the faulty equipment. 

According to police while speaking with Ronald and his passengers, authorities say the officer could not smell an odor of marijuana.  The officer then collected his vehicle information and returned to the patrol vehicle.  After preparing a faulty equipment card, the Officer returned to speak with Ronald. 

At that time police say the officer noticed the vehicle’s air conditioning was turned on along with an odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The officer informed Ronald of his observations and asked him if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle.  Ronald along with his passengers denied anything illegal being inside the vehicle. When asked, he also denied smoking marijuana.  The officer had each subject exit the vehicle and detained them in handcuffs. 

Authorities say the Officer then conducted an interior search of the vehicle where he started on the front driver’s side.  As he was searching the floor board, he lifted up the floor mat and discovered a silver Raven Arms .25 auto handgun. Inserted in the pistol was a magazine holding 5 rounds.  According to police the officer  asked Ronald if the pistol belonged to him, and he stated no. 

Police say the officer asked him if he knew who the gun belonged to, and he stated iiy may belong to a friend.  Ronald indicated to the officer that he does not have a license to carry and that he is a felon not to possess a firearm. 

At that point the officer mirandized Ronald and afterwards, he told him that an unknown subject asked him to hold on to the gun.  He stated he was nervous knowing the gun was in the car.  Furthermore, the Officer located a few marijuana flakes on the front passenger seat where passenger was sitting.  Nothing further illegal was located inside the vehicle.  The firearm was not listed as stolen.   


Based on the above information police say, Ronald Paul Rauba Jr. was arraigned on the following charges: 1 count of Persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell, or transfer firearms (F2) and 1 count of Firearms not to be carried without a license (F3).

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