Police warning following distraction burglary in new freedom borough- York County

Police warning following distraction burglary in new freedom borough- York County

New Freedom, PA

Distraction Burglary in New Freedom Borough

On February 6, 2019 at approximately 3pm police say they were dispatched to a distraction burglary on Singer Road in New Freedom Borough.

Authorities say the suspects were two Hispanic males. One went to the front door and claimed to be from the electrical company and needed to check their light switches. The one man had a police style badge and some sort of photo ID that resembled a driver’s license. He also had a radio and spoke Spanish to the other person on the radio. He occupied the two elderly home owners with turning on and off light switches while the second person entered the house and stole money.

The Southern Regional Police Department asks  residents to be careful when people, unknown to them, show up at their door. Utility workers performing work should have identification, be in a uniform, and have a company vehicle. Solicitors are not allowed to travel door-to-door without first obtaining a permit from the Borough in which they are in. Residents should always ask to see identification or a permit when a contractor/solicitor shows up at their door. Residents should not allow any unidentified worker to pressure their way into a home. If the resident is unsure if they should allow the worker into their house they should call 911 and ask for an officer to check the persons credentials in order to make sure they are legitimate prior to entry.

Anyone with information on the burglary are asked to call Southern Regional Police at 717-235-3944


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