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Jeffrey Keller arrested for DUI in West Manchester Township

Jeffrey Keller arrested for DUI in West Manchester Township

York, PA

On August 10, 2019,  at approximately 1:13 AM, an officer from the West Manchester Township Police Department was traveling westbound on West Market Street and was approaching the intersection of South. Salem Church Road.  As the officer approached, he observed that the light was green for all traffic westbound on West Market Street and red for all traffic on S. Salem Church Road. 

Police say a motorcycle traveling southbound on S. Salem Church Road approaching the intersection. The motorcycle failed to stop for the red light and made a right turn onto West Market Street.  The motorcycle then accelerated to 65.3 mph in the posted 40 mph zone.

Police initiated a traffic stop on the motorcycle, a black Harley Davidson and spoke to the driver, who was identified as  Jeffrey Keller.  The officer explained to Keller that he had stopped him for running the red light and for speeding. 

Police say as the officer was speaking to Keller, he detected the smell of alcoholic beverages and noticed that his speech was moderately slurred.   According to authorities said he was coming from the Legion and had a few beers to drink. 

Keller refused to submit to a Portable Breath Test. Keller was then asked  to perform Field Sobriety Tests.  The SFST’s were performed and the Defendant showed signs of impairment.

Keller was arrested for DUI and taken to Central Booking for a blood draw to measure blood alcohol content (BAC). The toxicology report was completed on August 22, 2019.  The report concluded that the Defendant’s BAC was .090%.  Delta 9 Carboxy THC (marijuana) was also detected at 110 ng/mL. Based on the above information, Jeffrey Lee Keller was charged with the 4 counts of DUI and 2 Traffic Violations on August 26, 2019.

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