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Wilkes-Barre, PA

Police in Wilkes-Barre city say they’ve filed charges against 33 year old Tazelle Curtis of Wilkes-Barre in a case stemming from a traffic stop at 2:54am September 29 of this year. Officers say Curtis was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated at a time  his operating privilege was suspended from a previous Driving while Under the Influence (DUI) conviction.

Authorities say Curtis was arrested and transported to the police station where he refused to submit to a legal breath test. 

Curtis was first convicted of DUI following an arrest in 2006 by police in Nanticoke. At the time he was charged with Highest Rate of Alcohol (Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) .16+) 1st Offense with a minor in the car. He was also charged with False Identification To Law Enforcement and Purchasing  Alcoholic Beverages for a Minor. He later accepted plea to General Impairment 1st Offense.

In March 2007 Wilkes-Barre city police arrest Curtis charging him with Highest Rate of Alcohol (Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) .16+) 2nd Offense. Prosecutors pleaded that case to He later accepted plea to General Impairment 1st Offense and Driving While BAC .02 or Greater While License Suspended.

Later that same year following another arrest in Wilkes-Barre city Curtis pleaded guilty to Accident Involving Death/Injury while Not Properly Licensed along with Driving While Suspended and Reckless Driving.

In 2013 the Curtis pleaded guilty to a case in Wilkes-Barre city following his arrest for Receiving Stolen Property, which was  withdrawn, and summary Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting.

Since 2012 Curtis has received 9 additional traffic tickets from police along with 9 more citations for  summary criminal offenses.