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Scranton, PA

The United States Attorney’s office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced yesterday that the United States has reached a settlement with Vantage Trust Federal Credit Union. The United States had sued Vantage seeking to remove Vantage from federal land and to recover money damages. The suit was brought because Vantage continued to occupy a building on the property of the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center after its license to occupy that building had ended. Damages were also sought because Vantage had no basis for continuing to occupy the building after its license had expired.

Vantage has agreed to turn over the building which previously housed the credit union to the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Vantage also agreed to pay to the United States $205,000. The settlement was reached after a mediation conducted by United States Magistrate Judge Joseph F. Saporito, Jr.

The case was handled by Assistant United States Attorney Justin Blewitt together with Dennis J Kulish, Office of General Counsel, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The claims resolved by the settlement are allegations only, and there has been no determination of liability according to the US Attorney’s office.