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Mechanicsburg, PA 

Police in Upper Allen Township say  Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at approximately 2:15 PM, they were called for a report of fraudulent activity that was actively occurring at a local bank they’ve not currently identified.

Upon arriving on scene, officers say they spoke with Gary Wilson, 46 of New York state, who they said earlier provided a fraudulent drivers license to a bank employee in an attempt to open a checking account in someone else’s name.

In addition to the fraudulent drivers license, authorities say Wilson also provided the bank employee a second form of fraudulent identification. Police Wilson arrested on scene and transported to the Cumberland County Prison for processing and arraignment before Magisterial District Judge Kathryn H. Silcox.

Wilson remains in prison on $15,000 bail and faces a preliminary hearing on December 3, 2018 before Magisterial District Judge Mark Martin