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West Pittston, PA

Police in West Pittston say they received  a confidential tip about a wanted individual on West Packer Avenue in Exeter Borough yesterday. Authorities say the  individual had an outstanding warrant on drug charges filed West Pittston Police Department. they say the confidential source informed officers that the residence and surrounding property wad being used by illicit narcotic users as a place to stay and consume narcotics in a place to avoid detection. The department said the information corroborated information information the department already had on a number of people. 

West Pittston Police along with West Wyoming and Exeter Borough Police made contact with the homeowner on West Packer Ave in attempt to serve the outstanding warrant. While interviewing the homeowner, officers discovered a female hiding upstairs under a bed. The female was detained and was identified by officers. The female identified was known to West Pittston Police to have engaged in the manufacturing of methamphetamine and is currently under federal supervision. The female was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia.

While officers canvased the area looking for other individuals that fled when officers arrived, a male was located coming from the woods surrounding the home. After a brief chase the individual was apprehended. The male was wanted by the Luzerne County Sheriff’s Office on an outstanding criminal warrant.

Interviewing the suspects in custody, it was discovered that there was additional drug paraphernalia, along with narcotics and a scale used to measure the weight of narcotics located on the property. West Pittston Police obtained a search warrant for the property for the contraband that was identified.

West Pittston Police along with Exeter Borough, West Wyoming, and Wyoming Borough Police Departments executed the search warrant on the property. Officers also placed fire and EMS first responders on standby. The execution of the warrant yielded excessive quantities of syringes, spoons, pipes, and other materials used for the injection and consumption of illicit narcotics. Officers also recovered an analog scale with residue.

Officers also say they discovered a makeshift housing unit complete with a bed, dressers with clothing, and a space heater located within a shed on the property. Officers there located razor blades, a cutting board with white powder, and multiple syringes.

Police transported the male to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility. The female was taken back to the Exeter Borough Police where she was processed and arraigned. Items seized pursuant to the warrant will be analyzed by the Pennsylvania State Police Laboratory for identification and processing.

Police have not identified the suspects at this time.