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Harrisburg, PA

The Swatara Township Police Department was out in force this yesterday for the first day of school.

Children from the Central Dauphin School District, Steelton-Highspire School District and Saint Catherine Laboure Catholic School all began their new school year yesterday and Swatara Township Police showed their support  saying they took this as an opportunity to help build positive relationships among students as they entered their schools for the first time after a long summer break.

Officers were at every school to welcome the students with a smile, a high five and officer trading cards.  Chief Reider, SRO Chris Smith, Sgt. Barrick, Cpl. Corby, Cpl. Pokrop and Lt. Stauffer were all out at the Steelton-Highspire School District.  They were joined by Swatara Township Fire Marshall Chief Ibberson, Township Commissioner Tom Connelly and State Representative Patty Kim.  Chief Minium and some of the Steelton Borough Police Officers were also in attendance out at the Steel-High School District.

Chief Reider, Chief Ibberson and Commissioner Connelly then joined Officer Payne at Tri-C Elementary School.  Cpl. Pokrop joined detectives Morris and Robbins at Chambers Hill Elementary School.  Cpl. Pokrop and Lt. Stauffer welcomed the students at Swatara Middle School.  Officer DeGroat stood tall outside Paxtang Elementary School.  Cpl. Eric Moyer greeted students at Rutherford Elementary School.

Officer Tyler Margeson was all smiles over at Lawnton Elementary School and Lt. Shatto along with Sgt. Baluh were out in their HEAT uniforms at the Saint Catherine Laboure Catholic School.

Swatara Township Police Department said, “We would like to wish all of the kids a safe and wonderful school year!”