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Lancaster, PA

Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department say they arrested Tami Lynn Galebach following an accident in Penn Township Tuesday, Tuesday, November 20, 2018 following an accident in Penn Township.

Authorities say she was tested chemically first sample successfully indicating her bac was .278. Galebach then provided the second sample successfully indicating her bac was .272. Galebach will be charged at the lower bac of .272%.

Galeback was arraigned Thursday before District Justice Dennis Reinaker and given $1,000 unsecured bail in a preliminary arraignment. A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled in this case on January 17, 2019 before District Justice Reinaker.

In 2010 Galebach was arrested and pleaded guilty to charges of False Reports – Reported Offense Did Not Occur.

The woman who turns 49 Christmas day has two previous arrests for DUI, one in 2006 in which she completed an ARD program later seeing the charges dropped, and 2nd offense DUI charge in 2010 which saw her serve a 5 year probation term/

Charges in this case:
(1) Count DUI – Highest Rate of Alcohol