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Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania State Police are warning of people using a spoofing scam with a state police telephone number. 

Authorities say the number appears to come from  (412) 787-2000 and be identified as a state police number.

According to police the caller identifies themselves as the state police and asks for personal information.

The Pennsylvania State Police said they “would never be calling individuals and requesting any financial information including bank, credit, credit cards, or loan information, etc. Additionally, the Pennsylvania State Police would never solicit money or request bail funds for anyone.”

This is a tactic known as “spoofing” which allows people to disguise their phone number to appear as another. The easiest way to know if you are spoofed is to call the number. In this case it would be answered by the state police who would then be able to take a report. The scammer cannot interfere with your phone, this is solely disguising the number calling.

Authorities possess technology often leading to their being able to identify spoofers and reporting these incidents can be important in stopping criminals.