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New Holland, PA

On November 4, 2018 at approximately 8:40pm New Holland Police (NHPD) say officers observed a vehicle on the shoulder of the roadway in the 600 Block of West Main Street in the borough.  The vehicle was sitting  with its hazard lights on.  Officers approached the vehicle to see if the female driver needed assistance. 

Authorities say the driver was identified as Peggy Cuthbert (age 51 of Spring City) and said officers immediately noticed signs of intoxication and placed Cuthbert through field sobriety tests.  Cuthbert was unable to complete the tests as demonstrated and was placed under arrest. 

Police say the results from Cuthbert’s blood test later showed that she had a BAC of .240% 3 times the legal limit of .08%.  The above charges were filed by NHPD on December 11, 2018.