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Scranton, PA

Yesterday the Scranton Police Department Street Crimes Unit arrested Francis Rodriguez-Gomez of New York City, Raymundo Pena-Nunez, address unknown, and Jeyson Ruben Sanchez-Moran, address unknown for multiple felony charges for allegedly  scamming an 86 year old West Virginia woman out of $35,000 cash.

Authorities say their fraud was perpetrated when one of the above individuals contacted the woman stating he was an attorney and that her grandson was arrested in Scranton and needed varying amounts of cash, later totaling $35,000, for legal services to help him.

Police say on several occasions the victim mailed cash payments to addresses in New Jersey and the latest payment was to be sent to an address in West Scranton. According to police with the assistance of the US Postal Inspectors the Scranton Police Department Street Crimes Unit setup surveillance at the address in West Scranton and arrested the suspects as they were picking up by the package that was to contain the cash. Additional search warrants were executed in this case and several thousand dollars of the victim’s money was recovered.