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Schuykill Haven, PA

State Police in Schuykill Haven are looking for two men who allegedly assaulted a Pennsylvania State Game Commission deputy warden who encountered them allegedly operating ATV’s illegally on land the State Game Commission says is closed to vehicles.

Authorities say during the vehicle stop the suspects attacked the warden. They then fled the scene in the direction of Arnots Addition. One ATV was orange and black. Both ATVs were racing-type machines with loud exhausts. The suspects are middle-aged, approximately mid-50s, medium build, approximately 5’10”. Both have gray hair and facial hair. One suspect has a long goatee gathered in a ponytail with rubber bands.

The Game Commission said the incident took place at approximately 10 a.m., Saturday, December 1, 2018 in Norwegian Township. on the Grande Hunter Access Property along Peach Mountain Rd. near Saint Clair. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the PA State Police, Schuylkill Haven station at (570) 754-4600.