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Harrisburg, PA

Police in Harrisburg say they were called to  the 1900 block of Bellevue Road for a report of suspicious activity at 2:28am November 3, 2018.  Neighbors observed two males loading a U-Haul truck with items from the house.  The owner of the house  passed away several months ago and neighbors knew that no one should be in the house.  A neighbor asked the males what they were doing and they advised him that they were paid to move the items out of the home.  The neighbor found this to be suspicious and called the police as well as the caretaker of the property.


Responding officers said there was no one in the house.  Inside, the residence appeared to be ransacked.  The U-Haul was still parked outside of the home and several items from the house were inside of the truck.  Further inspection of the house revealed that the power had been turned off.  Police say they determined a Chevy Impala was taken from property.  There was also a Mercedes Benz at the property that had been ransacked.


Officers contacted U-Haul and determined  the truck had been rented by a female who also resided on the 1900 block of Bellevue Road.  Officers contacted the homeowner who stated that she rented the U-Haul for three males that were staying at the house: Jose Marquez, Atilano Marquez, and Alexsender Tran.  During interviews with police officers say, Jose Marquez and Atilano Marquez said they were being paid to move items out of the house by someone.   

Through the investigation authorities determined that the suspected entered the home and cut the wire to the alarm system.  While in the home the suspects obtained the keys to the Chevy Impala, drove it away and parked it down the street. 

All three males were taken into custody and subsequently charged with one count each of Conspiracy – Burglary, Conspiracy- Receiving Stolen Property, Conspiracy – Theft from a Motor Vehicle, and two counts of Conspiracy – Theft by Unlawful Taking.  Each received an unsecured bail amount of $5,000.