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New Oxford, PA

On December 8th, 2018 at 10:53PM hours, Eastern Adams Regional Police say they were dispatched Irishtown Fire Department for a fight in progress. The 911 Center advised it was a large group of intoxicated people involved in a fight.

Authorities say the fight was broken up prior to police arrival. Police say they observed a man sitting on the sidewalk at the storage shed area with a bloody face, and a woman was standing beside him. According to police the male was from Silver Spring and said he’d been in a fight with his brother-in-law and another male. The victim told officers he wanted charges pressed against them because they beat him up and broke his nose stating the two offenders kept punching him in the face with their fist and kicking him when he was on the ground. EMS arrived on location and treated the victim and he was transported to the  Hanover Hospital Emergency Room. The victim provided police with a written statement of the events that occurred at the fire department

Police say they spoke with the organizer who was hosting the event at the fire department who told them the fight started inside the Fire Department and they were able to break the fight up.

Police say they believe  George Dews and William Thayer, both 52 of Littlestown,  severely beat the victim’s face and broke his nose while he was on the ground; they continued to punch him with closed fist and kicked his body with their feet. Police went to Littlestown arresting both where they were committed to the Adams County Prison.