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Harrisburg, PA

Yesterday, December 9, 2018, Harrisburg Police say they responded to a residence on the 1400 block of Reily Road for a domestic incident.  When Officers arrived on scene, offices say the victim told them Demetrius Adams, with whom she had a prior romantic relationship, came to her residence to talk.  An argument ensued a short time after he arrived.  Police say Adams began to throw items around the residence and damaged several windows.

Authorities say Adams followed the victim upstairs to the second-floor hallway where Adams allegedly struck the victim in face and head repeatedly.  Police allege Adams then displayed a kitchen knife, pointed it towards the victim, and threatened to kill her. 

Police say a relative was secured in a bedroom with three juvenile children who were all under the age of 4.  Neither the relative nor the children sustained any injury.

Police went on to allege the 27 year old Adams went back to the first floor and started to light the window curtains on fire and a witness who was outside of the rear of the residence saw Adams.  Adams saw the witness ad ran from the scene according to authorities.  The witness was able to reach through the window and extinguish the flames.

On December 10, 2018, at approximately 4:15AM police say Demetrius Adams was taken into custody during a warrant service.  He was charged with five counts each of Criminal Homicide – Attempt, Risking Catastrophe, Arson- Danger of Death or Bodily Injury; three counts of Endangering Welfare of children – Parent/Guardian/Other Commits Offense; two counts of Simple Assault and one count of Terroristic Threats W/Intent to Terrorize Another.