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PA GOP Leader: “They are the party of Lenin, and I don’t mean John Lennon and we are the party of Lincoln”

PA GOP Leader: “They are the party of Lenin, and I don’t mean John Lennon and we are the party of Lincoln”

Last week, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio says he travelled over 1,000 to five different counties where he met with county chairs, grassroots leaders, and candidates as county Republican committees hold Lincoln Day dinners.

Chairman DiGiorgio has been using these appearances to not only promote Judge Christylee Peck and prosecutor Megan McCarthy King—the Party’s endorsed candidates for Superior Court—but also spread the Republican message.

Chairman DiGiorgio says he is highlighting the Republican message of compassion while pointing out how extreme the Democrat Party has become.

Here are some excerpts from a story about Chairman DiGiorgio’s remarks at the Clinton County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day dinner, held this past Saturday evening:

“One lesson I continue to learn is that we need to unified in order to win. The left is becoming increasingly unified on their agenda, and we see how scary that agenda is. Nancy Pelosi, when she stood in the way of our president’s attempt to protect our border, said that their strength was in their unity. We need to be equally unified, because we see what is happening. There was a time you had to kind of parse the words of the left, to get what they were really about, what they were trying to do to this country. They have peeled back the cloak on what their agenda is for America, and it’s a scary one.”

DiGiorgio referred to the Green New Deal resolution introduced by Democrats Ed Markey Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on February 7, 2019  as “a socialist blueprint for a command economy.”

“The confiscation of wealth with a wealth tax, which is unconstitutional as far as I know, but they’ll just pack the courts…which is coming. A living wage for those unwilling to work, can you imagine that?” DiGiorgio asked. “It wasn’t too long ago that Bill Clinton said that the era of big government is over, now look where the Democratic party is. Now what seems to be the litmus test for any Democratic candidate running for President is that they are going to take away our health insurance and put us all into a government run health care system.”


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