Governor Wolf tries again for severance tax to fund infrastructure

Governor Wolf tries again for severance tax to fund infrastructure

Harrisburg, PA

Governor Wolf’s  says he has a vision for Pennsylvania including vibrant towns and cities with new development, opportunities in rural and disadvantaged areas, and a modern, interconnected commonwealth by raising a gas severance tax.

Pennsylvania finished at No. 34 among the 50 states in the Washington-based Tax Foundation’s analysis of how states’ tax systems affect their ability to attract and retain businesses.

“Over the past four years my administration has worked hard to improve our infrastructure and build strong, stable communities across the commonwealth,” said Governor Wolf. “We’ve made progress, but we still have more work to do.”

It was only last year the legislature and Wolf agreed on a budget with the governor with the budgets, essentially, forced on Wolf who allowed them to become law without his signature.

To achieve these goals, Governor Wolf says he wants a major new infrastructure initiative, Restore Pennsylvania, funded by the monetization of a what he calls a commonsense severance tax. Wolf says Restore Pennsylvania will invest $4.5 billion over the next four-years in significant, high-impact projects throughout the commonwealth to help catapult Pennsylvania ahead of every state in the country in terms of technology, development, and infrastructure.

Pennsylvania, along with 5 other states already levies the highest taxes on corporations in the country.

“It is far past time that Pennsylvanians stop allowing our commonwealth to be the only state losing out on the opportunity to reinvest in our communities,” said Governor Wolf. “And as long as that is allowed to continue – my vision of a restored Pennsylvania that is ready to compete in the 21st century economy will never become reality.”



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