Casey introduces legislation he says will prevent hazing

Casey introduces legislation he says will prevent hazing

Scranton, PA

in introducing federal legislation aimed a controlling hazing, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (D) said today, “Hazing has absolutely no place in our society or in our schools. I’m proud to join in this effort to ensure that these horrific incidents are appropriately reported and that students are educated on the dangers of hazing. I hope my colleagues will swiftly support and pass this measure so we can help make our schools safer.”

Casey says The REACH Act would help to address the challenge of hazing by requiring incidents to be reported as part of a college’s annual crime report and by requiring institutions to establish a campus-wide, researched-based program to educate and prevent hazing, while also promoting strategies for building group cohesion without hazing. The bill also establishes a definition for hazing to clarify what constitutes a reportable offense.

Just earlier this week, Casey said he met with the families of Tim Piazza, Marquise Braham and other anti-hazing advocates to discuss the importance of combating hazing in Pennsylvania and around the country.


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