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Harrisburg, PA

The 60 plus officers ofPennsylvania Capitol Police said they’ve been busy elves this year raising money to make the holiday’s more merry for local families. 

Officers say they’ve contributed $25 a piece for a total of $1650.00 where for the entire month of November, these Capitol Police officers did not shave. As a result, our officers were able to raise $1650 for a very worthwhile cause.

This officers pictured from Left to Right are: Officer Christopher Cruz, Sgt. Michael Schmidt, Sgt. Brad Bygall, Officer Brad Martin, Officer James Brunner, Officer Nick Finicle, Officer Vito Perugino, Deputy Secretary of General Services, Julien Gaudion, Officer Jared Uber, Officer George Gable, Officer Corey Shoemaker, Officer Nick Bretz, Officer Brian Simonetti, Cpl. Greg Budman, Sgt. Mike Ferrell and Sgt. Justin Chortanoff.