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Lancaster, PA

Carmen Esther Negron-Roldan, 29, of Lancaster, PA, was charged with the above offense after she was allegedly observed stealing $805.03 worth of items from 1585 Fruitville Pike – Nordstrom Rack Shoes .  A criminal complaint was filed.

Negron-Roldan has a lengthy court record in Lancaster County:

Convictions in the Court of Common Pleas

Driving while operator privilege suspended or revoked times 4
Conspiracy – Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession
With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver
Possession of marijuana later with probation violation

District Courts actions

In the county district courts Negron-Roldan’s answered some 28 citations for traffic offenses as well as summary offenses she’s pleaded guilty to for Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting and Disorderly Conduct-Unreasonable Noise with all these cases reaching back to 2010 for the 29 year old.