Williamsport students learn about controlled substances

Williamsport students learn about controlled substances

Williamsport Police Officer Stevens was invited to speak to students at the Lycoming Career and Technology Center and Stevens making a presentation today, February 4, 2019.  The Center provides high school students in grades 10-12 the opportunity to learn about the criminal justice field prior to graduating from high school. 

Officers Stevens is one of the department’s Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). During his presentation he  provided students with a greater understanding of how controlled substances and other drugs can impact and impair the human body. DRE officers obtain this knowledge through numerous hours of training and field experience. They also regularly assist other officers throughout the county with identifying what drugs, or combination of drugs, to determine what substances may be impairing a person encountered by officers. 

Williamsport Police thanked Mrs. Farr, her criminal justice classes, and her forensic science class for hosting Officer Stevens.


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