Wilkes-Barre Township reports on January’s Crime Statistics Information

Wilkes-Barre Township reports on January’s Crime Statistics Information

Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department responded to 393 calls for service for the month of January, including the following:

41 motor vehicle accidents
14 assist citizens
13 assist motorists
5 assist other police 
5 harassment complaints 
12 disorderly conduct complaints
5 domestic disturbances 
16 suspicious persons complaints 
36 burglar alarms
47 retail thefts
16 thefts
104 traffic violations

Police arrested 32 adult offenders and 2 juvenile offenders, either through direct contact after the crime was committed or the charges were filed against persons as a result of concluding a criminal investigation, including the following:

16 retail theft offenses 
1 theft offense
2 defiant trespass offenses 
6 drug offenses
1 harassment offense
2 DUI offenses

Uniform Crime Report (UCR) statistical information for Wilkes-Barre Township through the most recent reported month of December 2018, shows that UCR Part 1 offenses have decreased 4.47%, Part 2 offenses have increased 9.28%, over the same period of 2017. The overall crime rate for the Township has increased 2.68%.


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