Wilkes-Barre Township Police offer advice to stop drug dealers invading your neighborhood

Wilkes-Barre Township Police offer advice to stop drug dealers invading your neighborhood

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wilkes-Barre Township Police issued this statement today about keeping drug dealers from taking hold in your neighborhood:


Have you noticed a sudden influx in crime, gangs, and excessive loitering in your neighborhood lately? Has your neighborhood gone from serene to chaotic since a certain neighbor arrived? If so, chances are your neighbor may be a drug dealer.

The thing about drug operations is they can be set up anywhere, anytime.

Occasionally, it’s not just police officers that work to find the bad guys. It may all boil down to a tip given by an observant resident.

Here are some things to watch for regarding suspicious neighborhood drug activity:

– There’s an unusually large amount of traffic, often at strange hours. This traffic is usually quick, and the people stay only a short time. Sometimes they don’t even go in at all; instead, someone comes out to meet them.There’s a chance you may even witness a quick exchange of a “package” for cash.
– Observable exchanges of items, especially where money is visible.
– Ability to afford items without a job — cars, TVs, etc.
– Neighbors will continually host parties and appear to be under the influence of drugs.
– Abandoned or vacant plots are easy targets for drug lords to conduct their business.
– Repeated flickering of cigarette lighters.
– Windows are blocked out, preventing neighbors from seeing in.
– Finding drugs or drug paraphernalia (syringes, pipes, baggies, etc.) in the area.
– Noxious odors coming from around houses or buildings, such as musty or chemical smells.
– Houses or buildings where extreme security measures seem to have been taken.

After a report is provided, unfortunately it may not always result in a drug arrest as some tips simply lead to dead ends. At times, it takes sufficient evidence or a prolonged investigation, so be patient and keep a watchful, yet inconspicuous eye on suspicious neighbors.

Never approach the suspect directly or make threats, as this could be dangerous. Keep your distance, all the while taking in as much information as possible. Keep notes of specific cars who visit the house and record license plates and car models. Drug houses have regular visitors, so note down descriptions of those who frequent the house.

Anyone that suspects ongoing drug activity in Wilkes-Barre Township should contact the Wilkes-Barre Township Special Investigations Unit via Call or Text at (570) 760-0215.

If drug activity is spotted in real time, residents should try and get descriptions of people, vehicles and the direction of travel, and call Luzerne Count 9-1-1


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