Peckville, PA

Registered sex offender John Price is wanted by police in Lackawanna County following an incident in which police obtained a warrant for his arrest charging price with simple assault.

Authorities posted a picture and the charge on their Facebook page a person responded accusing police of racism and stating nothing happened. 

The Facebook identity, “Tania Marie” made these allegations but the “URL address” included the name Tania Price. Price is named as the victim in the affidavit supporting the warrant. The warrant describes injuries to Price.

Police responded to the allegation by stating they would release the affidavit  (see below) officers used to get the arrest warrant and noted they also possess bodycam video.

The Pennsylvania Chronicle tapped on the person “Tania Marie” claimed to be her spouse and landed on a Facebook page with the identity Jazel Cross. Images on the page (see screen shot image below) appear to match the image released by Blakley Police asking for assistance in locating Price.

According to website Offender Radar (see screen shot image below) website, John Raymond Price Jr is also a sex offender. This was confirmed by the Pennsylvania State Police public website which tracks Pennsylvania’s registered sex offenders.

After reaching out for comment to John Price (aka Jazel Cross) both the Tania Marie and Jazel Cross Facebook pages no longer appeared to the public on Facebook.

The Pennsylvania Chronicle reached out to property owners Renee and Joseph Munley asking for comment about the repeated police contacts at their apartment building. If they respond we will include that response in an update.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Price police are asking you to call them with that information or call 911. Price’s last known residence is 1031 Myers AVE, Apt 3, Peckville, PA 18452


Obscene and Other Sexual Materials and Performances (18 Pa. C.S. § 5903) – Victim must be a minor

(a) Offenses Defined – No person, knowing the obscene character of the materials or performance involved, shall:

3(ii) Design, copy, draw, photograph, print, utter, publish or in any manner manufacture or prepare any obscene materials in which a minor is depicted;

4(ii) Write, print, publish, utter or cause to be written, printed, published or uttered any advertisement or notice of any kind giving information, directly or indirectly, stating or purporting to state where, how, from whom, or by what means any obscene materials can be purchased, obtained, or had in which a minor is included;

5(ii) Produce, present or direct any obscene performance or participate in a portion thereof that is obscene or that contributes to its obscenity if a minor is included;

6. Hire, employ, use, or permit any minor child to do or assist in doing any act or thing mentioned in this subsection.


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