Scranton, PA

Scranton Public Schools announced today, January 17, 2019 they notified yesterday the state Department of Education placed the district into  “financial recovery status” yesterday,. The district says it intends to cooperate fully.

The Department of Education has addressed this action.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said on Facebook, “This is what happens when school districts ignore our audit recommendations. I understand why the state’s action was necessary.” referring to this action involving Scranton Public Schools and Penn Hills School District in Allegheny County.

The Auditor General also said, “My 2016 audit of Penn Hills was one of the worst school district audits I’d ever seen. We found a stunning level of mismanagement and a lack of oversight that led to enormous debt. Penn Hills had years to do something about turning around its financial problems, but it never happened. The financial issues have only deepened, making the state’s action an unfortunate necessity.”

“I’ve also been warning the Scranton School District to get its act together or the state will have to do it for you. My 2017 audit found a complete failure of leadership in the Scranton School District and I am glad the state has taken steps to see that changes will occur.

“I support increased investment in our public schools and we need to make sure the money is going where it needs to go: helping students. There must be responsible leadership and accountability at the local level to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education and taxpayer resources are not squandered.”


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