East Stroudsburg, PA

Pub570 passed their follow-up inspection following the Department of Agriculture’s finding the East Stroudsburg restaurant’s failing their most recent annual Retail Food Facility Inspection.

An employee contacted the Pennsylvania Chronicle saying, in part, “when there (sic) hear that name (Pub570) they think oh that’s the place that failed the health inspection we won’t go there an it’s not fair to any of us as employees as well as the owner cause this is a very well kept restaurant an definitely one of the cleanest I ever worked in.” 

The employee asked if there is, “there anyway can you please repost the updated one so we can try an stop whatever or whoever is trying to ruin many peoples job (sic).”

A review of the restaurant’s history shows while the Department of Agriculture inspector’s found the restaurant to be, “in compliance” in March 2017 they nonetheless were found with 6 violations, some similar to the violations found earlier this month. Last year, inspectors visited the restaurant in February 2018 finding the restaurant failed to be in compliance accumulating 11 violations.


Notes from March 2017 Retail Facility Inspection Report

  • Refrigerated (Deli meats) ready to eat, time/temperature control for safety food prepared in the food facility and held for more than 24 hours, located in the walk in refrigerator, is not being date marked- 2 violations
  • Food facility has an employee who held a Certified Food Manager certificate; however, the certificate has expired and is no longer valid
  • An open employee’s beverage container was observed in prep area, a food preparation area- 2 violations
  • Food employees observed in prep area, not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets, hats

Notes from February 2018 Retail Facility Inspection Report

  • The Person in Charge did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection
  • Food dispensing utensil in bulk flour observed stored in the food and not with handle above the top of the food and the container
  • Cooked chicken breast was held at 58 °F, in the cook line area, rather than 41°F or below as required. PIC stated chicken had been cooked approximately 1 1/2 hours earlier this day. Chicken was removed to walk-in cooler to bring back into proper temperature range.
  • Temperature control for Safety deli meats, cheese dip and cut fresh produce was held at a range of 45-46 °F, in the cook line bane marie units, rather than 41°F or below as required. Person in charge stated foods were placed in these units this morning at 11:30AM. Foods were removed to walk-in cooler to bring back within proper temperature range
  • Cook line baine marie units not able to maintain Time Temperature control for safety foods below 41*F as required
  • Mechanical warewashing equipment had several spray nozzles blocked or partially obstructed
  • Cooks food tongs observed not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of old food residue
  • Manual can opener blade was observed to have old food residue and was not clean to sight and touch
  • Deli meat slicer guard and blade, a food contact surface, was observed to have food residue and was not clean to sight and touch
  • Observed underside of cook line broiler, in prep line above open hot food table, with an accumulation of old food residue, debris on non-food contact surfaces.
  • Observed build up of static dust on heed ventilation system above clean dish return area over mechanical dishwashing machine
  • Observed build up of static dust on interior walls and ceilings near fans of walk-in cooler in need of cleaning
  • Non-food contact surfaces of dish machine not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil
  • Observed build up of old food residue on food tray cart in need of cleaning
  • Observed live cats in shelters on food loading dock of facility
  • Observed food dish and living quarters, indicating the presence of live animals on the premise loading dock area of the food facility
  • Observed build up of old food residue under food storage racks and against corner floor edges of walk-in cooler in need of cleaning
  • Observed old dead insects in light fixture covers above food prep area and manual dishwashing stations
  • Several working containers in warewash area, bar server station and kitchen area, used for storing chemicals/cleaners taken from bulk supplies, were not marked with the common name of the chemical 




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