Mt Pocono Comfort Inn fails 3rd retail food inspection- rodent droppings in self service area

Mt Pocono Comfort Inn fails 3rd retail food inspection- rodent droppings in self service area

Mount Pocono, PA


Retail Food Inspection Report Conducted February 5, 2019


Comfort Inn and Suites 

3189 RT – 940 Mount Pocono, PA 18344


For the third time since February of last year the Comfort Inn and Suites has failed to pass a retail food inspection conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, including failing a follow up after a not meeting state regulations in February of last year.

The comments from this most recent inspection are as follows:

  • Sanitizers used to sanitize equipment and utensils are not available for use during all hours of operation
  • Observed approximately 30-50 old rodent droppings under front self service food counters
  • Food facility inspection indicates evidence of rodents/insect activity in kitchen and food service areas, but facility does not have a pest control program
  • Observed approximately 20-30 old rodent droppings under back kitchen prep sink and food counters
  • The Person in Charge did not demonstrate adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection
  • Eggs and Sausage were held at 117 °F, in the hot hold service area, rather than 135°F or above as required. Person in charge stated foods were prepared less than 3 hours prior. All foods were voluntarily disposed of at the time of this inspection. Discussed Time-in-lieu of temperature written procedures requirement
  • Ambient air and water temperature measuring device for ensuring proper food storage in refrigerated equipment in self service counter refrigerator, is not accurate to +/- 3°F
  • Thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible
  • No chemical sanitizer was available at facility for proper sanitation of food pans, utensils or other food contact surfaces. Sanitizer will be obtained and all food contact surfaces will be properly washed rinsed and sanitized prior to continued food service
  • Manual warewashing equipment observed with build up of filth and food residue and not cleaned before use, and frequently throughout the day.
  • Soap was not available at the handwash sink in the kitchen food prep area
  • Plumbing system not maintained in good repair – observed hand sink nozzle partially blocked not allowing for efficient water delivery.




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