Lake Ariel, PA

A food inspection done completed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture at the Lake Ariel Qwik Mart resulted in 16 violations in a regular inspection of the business conducted January 8, 2019. The Quik Mart located at 1242 Hamlin HWY in Lake Ariel was determined to be out of compliance. 

  • Temperature measuring device for ensuring proper temperature of equipment is not available or readily accessible in the single door low-boy refrigerator at the deli counter and in the open front sandwich/salad case on the retail floor
  • Women’s toilet room does not have a self-closing door
  • No sign or poster posted at the handwash sink in the men’s restroom to remind food employees to wash their hands. Sign was provided for posting
  • Raw ground beef stored on the same tray with cooked beef in the walk-in cooler. The raw ground beef was placed on a separate tray and on the bottom shelf
  • Soup 70*f reheating in the hot holding unit in the deli. The soup was reheated on the stove to 168*f. Shall reheat potentially hazardous food to 165*f or above within 2 hours, prior to placing on a preheated hot holding unit. Shall maintain hot food at 135*f or above
  • Two sink drain stoppers are missing for the three bay equipment sink
  • Old food residue on the floor mixer frame adjacent to the deli prep table. Ice build up on the shelves in the low-boy freezer at the deli counter
  • The light, in the walk-in cooler, is missing the end caps
  • Toilet tissue is not provided in the men’s restroom. corrected on site
  • The Person in Charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection
  • Prepackaged, ready to eat deviled eggs are not labeled with a complete ingredient statement indicating allergens. An ingredient sign was posted on the case
  • Thermometers for ensuring proper temperatures of food are not available or readily accessible
  • Loose or broken door hinges observed on the low-boy freezer at the deli counter. A #10 can is used to keep the door closed
  • Old food residue on the ice cream scoops in in a container on the shelf above the deli prep table. The scoops were placed in the sink for cleaning. Old food residue on the can opener blade in the deli . The can opener was placed in the sink for cleaning
  • Soap was not available at the handwash sink in the men’s restroom. Soap was placed at the sink
  • Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the men’s and women’s restrooms. Paper towels were placed in the restroom



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