Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wilkes-Barre Police said they were on patrol yesterday, January 12, 2019, on J Campbell Collins Dr about 3:53PM when they encountered Brett Marcus Ossowski, 46 years old of Plains, PA.

A records check returned a criminal warrant on Ossowski out of Florida according to authorities. Ossowski was arrested and charged with violating 42PaCS9134 Fugitive From Justice.

The Pennsylvania Chronicle was able to confirm an outstanding warrant from Monroe County, Florida dating back to December 1, 2016 for a  probation revocation involving a violent felony offender of special concern (VFO SC) under section 948.06, Florida Statutes.  Ossowski was on drug offender probation when he absconded.

Ossowski’s Facebook page claims he works at Clearbrook Treatment Centers in Wilkes-Barre.


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