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China Buffet in Milford misses the mark in food safety inspection- Old rodent droppings on the ledge

China Buffet in Milford misses the mark in food safety inspection- Old rodent droppings  on the ledge

Milford, PA

Retail Food Inspection Report Conducted February 19, 2019

China Buffet
102 Rte 6
Milford, PA 18337
(570) 296-0888

A Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services inspector from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture conducting a retail food inspection February 19, 2019 cited China Buffet in Milford with 10 violations of state regulations.

State inspectors also visited the restaurant in December 2018 after the state received a complaint from the public. During that visit, the inspector found one violation, determined the eatery was out of compliance making the following statement:

Observed live and dead roaches on glue boards in the cabinets under the cold hold buffet line in the dining room. Numerous roach carcasses in the cabinet below the cold hold buffet line in the dining room. The cabinets were cleaned. Roach carcasses observed on the floor and along the wall junctions in the sushi prep area, the kitchen and back prep area. Carcasses observed in the light covers in the waitress area and kitchen. Owner has pest control company in monthly, last service date was 11/21/2018

In the visit on February 19, 2019 the inspector made the following observations in support of the violations:

  • Paper towel dispenser empty at the handwash sink in the employee restroom. The dispenser was refilled
  • There is no screen or covering on the window above the dish machine
  • Duties of the person-in-charge are not being followed as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection
  • Shellstock, approximately a 1/4 bag, located in the walk-in cooler did not have identification tags attached to the bag. The manager disposed and denatured the clams.
  • Chicken sticks 114*f, chicken legs 121*f, spring rolls 124*f, vegetable tempura 95*f on the self service buffet line. The manager removed and discarded the food. Shall maintain hot food at 135*f or above
  • Old rodent drippings and dust on the ledge in the water heater room. The ledge was cleaned. Old food residue on the floor in the outside storage shed. The floor was cleaned
  • Cigarette odor observed in the employee restroom. A plastic container of cigarettes was observed behind the toilet during the inspection. The manager discarded the cigarettes
  • An open employee’s beverage glass was observed on the table at the end of the cook line, a food preparation area. The glass was removed from the table
  • Plumbing system not maintained in good repair – observed the hand wash sink faucet leaking in the sushi prep area
  • Paint peeling from the ceiling in the back prep area
  • Jacket hanging on the equipment storage rack above the grinder. The jacket was placed on the door hook