Harrisburg, PA

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today said he strongly opposes any recovery plan for the Scranton School District that might include subcontracting the jobs of support service employees.

“There are a lot of changes that can be made to improve the Scranton School District’s financial situation, but I believe subcontracting the jobs of more than 400 hardworking local workers is not one of them,” DePasquale said. “In a district notorious for not bidding contracts, such a change would be a recipe for failure and would detract from recovery efforts that must be focused on how best to improve educational opportunities for students.”

DePasquale met with union members who represent the janitors, building engineers, cafeteria workers and clerks in the district.

“I believe that support services staff must have a seat on the recovery plan team,” he said.

People concerned about the Scranton School District’s future packed a town hall meeting DePasquale held last night to listen to their ideas and suggestions.

“I heard from students, parents, teachers and support staff that educational programs cut from the district are having a negative impact on students and the district must find a way to fix that,” he said. “I will keep fighting to get Scranton back on the right track, and public engagement is the key to ensuring that decisions made by school boards reflect the will of the community.”


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