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Allison Barletta announces run for Hazleton Mayor

Allison Barletta announces run for Hazleton Mayor

Hazleton, PA

Allison Barletta, today February 4, 2019, has announced a run for Mayor of Hazleton making the following statement:

Hello everyone! I am excited to officially announce my candidacy for the Mayor of Hazleton.
First, I think it is important to thank all my supporters and the voters for believing in me and initially selecting me as their voice on council! It’s truly an honor to serve as your Councilwoman. As your Councilwoman, I have seen what is and is not working. I have listened to the concerns of the residents, businesses and hard-working City employees. 
Over and over the community has asked for my help, for my help to lead them into a better future. Because of this, I want to do better for this community. The best way to do better for the Hazleton community is to answer their call, run for Mayor and implement the change the residents, businesses and city employees need and deserve. 
My year on council has been eye-opening on the way the city government is being run. I see our city, our local businesses, our residents and our dedicated employees, being affected by this. The old way of doing things just won’t work anymore.

City government should be run as a team, with myself, department heads, city employee’s, council, legislators, businesses, and our residents, to put policies and procedures in place with 100% transparency that this fine City can keep moving forward and be the City we are all proud of.

This is the only way to truly move our city forward and unite as a community, resulting in a better City.

I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting residents and business owners, and discussing the challenges we have and as a team coming up with solutions for those challenges to better the city, we all love.

Petitions will be coming out this month, I will be running on the Republican ticket as required in the Primary, but I am the voice for everyone, not just one party. Residents that are registered as Democrats please write my name in.

Our City of Hazleton is the City I call home, the place I was raised and the place I am raising my young daughter. This is the City I love and will do everything I can to protect and make it a place everyone is proud to call home.



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